14 airports hacks to make your trip easier

You feel like going through hell every time you have to take a flight? It looks like you picked the slowest-moving line, that all the city is flying at the same time as you? We’ve gathered the best tips and hacks that will make you feel and look like an experienced traveller!

1. Find the best seat before booking

Websites such as Seat Guru will show you reviews of seats on the very plane you’re planning to take, as well as where to find USB ports and power outlets - yes, some airplanes do have those.

2. Book a Red-Eye flight

A red-eye flight takes off at night (between 9pm and 7am) and is generally way less packed than the others. Taking such a flight can turn out to be much cheaper.

3. Check your flight status in real time

Most airlines let you check your flight status online - this way, you will know in advance if it is delayed or cancelled - which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go check-in nonetheless!

4. Take pictures of your parking spot

Section W, level 3, parking C1… If you want to save yourself the hassle of searching for you car on the way back, just take a couple of pictures after parking and you won’t need to remember the details.

5. Pack your own snack

If you’re a frequent flyer you know how overpriced the airport’s salespoints are. Bring your own sandwich, nuts and cereal bars if you're on a budget.

6. Bring an empty bottle

Pass it through security like that and fill it with tap water afterwards.

7. Have your laptop and other electronics ready

You’ll be asked to take them out of your bag when passing through security. Keep them separated from the rest of your luggage to save time.

8. Wrap a colorful ribbon or put a sticker on your luggage

The awkward moment when two other passengers from the same flight have the same luggage.... Make yours stand out from the rest to identify it right away on the conveyor.

9. Take the checkpoint on the left

The majority of people are righties and will pick the line on the right. Some airports also have a hidden security line, away from the rest, often faster than all the rest.

10. Bring a scarf or a sweater

Airplanes and airports could feel very cold if you're not moving around. Bring a warm piece of clothing that can also be used as a pillow once you're on board.

11. Check for free WiFi

Most airports grant you a free WiFi access; some of them will let you connect for free only for a limited time though.

12. Download offline maps before leaving

Google Maps now lets you download and access registered maps offline. If you don’t have free WiFi when you land, that could come in handy.

13. Buy a power bank before leaving

When you see a large group of people at the airport, they are either queuing for security check or have found a charging station. In any case, you don’t really want to go there. Instead, buy a portable charger: it’ll also be useful during your flight.

14. Bring a hand sanitizer

Airplanes and airports are a germs’ nest - don't forget your sanitizer.

Now that you’re a real pro at getting along on airports, share your travel hacks with ClaimCompass on Facebook! Stay tuned for more travel tips!