4 great travel apps to use on your next trip

The Carlson Wagonlit Travel Management Institute has conducted a study on the use and popularity of travel apps, and found out that the overwhelming majority of travelers use no more than two travel apps. Which apps are most relevant and useful to you may depend greatly on your travel frequency and style. Here are some of the travel apps we love at ClaimCompass.


Hopper was named the best travel app of 2015 by Apple and there’s a good reason for it. At first sight, the app may appear just as any other flight search engine, only better in design and usability. What distinguishes Hopper however is that it accesses an enormous amount of data in order to find the absolute best price for your flight. The app even lets you set a smart alerts to help you nail the perfect deal - a “WAIT” alert means that prices will probably drop, while a “BUY” signal means you’re getting a good deal.

City Maps to Go

Using your data while travelling can get very pricey, especially if you’re like me and depend on Google Maps even in your hometown. The other alternative is finding the closest Starbucks, connecting to the ultra-slow wifi and taking no less than 50 screenshots of all the places you want to go to that day. Yeah, we’ve all done that. City Maps to Go has a more intelligent solution: the app lets you input all of your planned locations and access them offline. Once you’ve added everything, you can view and plan your day depending on the places you want to visit.


If you’re staying longer abroad and don’t want to pay ridiculous amounts of money in bank transfer fees, then you should get TransferWise. The app allows for fast transfers between accounts into several different currencies, at a fraction of the price charged by the big banks. It is secure, very easy to use and you get to track your money from the moment you send it until it is received. Here at ClaimCompass we love TransferWise and use it for almost all of our transfer, saving our clients quite a bit of money in unnecessary transaction fees.


Just a weekend trip to New York can result in a ton of paper confirming your flights, your transfer, your hotel, your travel insurance, your Broadway show tickets… the list is endless and before long you find yourself flipping through a pile of paper, desperately looking for that confirmation number. The folks at Tripit have solved this issue for you: the app compiles all of your confirmations, tickets, etc. within one single space. All you have to do is forward all trip-related information your Tripit account. The app then screens through all those emails and organizes one complete itinerary, which is far easier to navigate through than either going through your inbox or a bunch of paper.