Backpack vs Suitcase - let's settle that once and for all

Do you prefer your backpack over a suitcase? I’ll try my best to remain an impartial referee in this everlasting debate and present all pros and cons. Let the backpa… the best one win!

Suitcase: Pros

Weight relief: Wheels! Period. If you have wheels, no matter how heavy your suitcase is, it won’t really be a problem to roll it around. As long as you’re staying on the pavement and away from off road challenges.

Protection: Oh boy, it really feels like you can throw your solid suitcase away and everything inside will remain save.

Accessibility: Flat access lets you put your hands on everything in the blink of an eye. As long as you’ve been packing correctly.

Sweat-free: Have you ever seen a backpacker without a perspiration-puddle embedded on his back? Suitcase means a more comfortable and sweat-free trip from the airport to your hotel. That's right, we don't expect you to take your suitcase on an adventure...

Suitcase: Cons

Mobility: Mud, stairs, cobbled street. Your worst enemies. Don’t even try to fight, run away!

Weight: You can probably fit more stuff inside your suitcase compared to a backpack - but imagine having to carry your suitcase up the stairs. Or climbing a mountain with it. Right, you can’t do that.

Weight distribution: I love watching… sorry, I meant, I often see people walking with a suitcase who switch hands because it’s too heavy: you have to face the consequences of overpacking!

No sense of community: You really want to be called a “suitcaser”? No you don’t. And a community without a name is not a community.

Backpacks: Pros

Mobility: Run, crouch, climb, swim, fly, you name it. Long distance, road trip? No problem, when do we leave?

Hidden pockets: Nothing is more satisfying when packing than hiding all your precious items where only you can find them.

Weight distribution: If you know how to pack, everything should be equally distributed between the left and right side for a better balance. That will help you strengthen your back and have a better posture.

Looking adventurous: Let’s be serious for a moment. Who’s the traveller and who’s the tourist here?

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Backpacks: Cons

Accessibility: If you only have a top-first access, you can kiss the stuff that fell at the bottom goodbye until the end of your trip. Although some backpacks do offer a lie-flat access as well.

Protection: As long as you have your backpack on your back you’re safe - but as soon as you leave it (to put it in the overhead bin in the plane for instance) you get the unpleasant feeling that everything inside it is at risk.

Did you pick a winner? Hope you liked this article - stay tuned for more life-changing debates and cool travel-related tips!