How to achieve all of the trips you want to make this year

Time flies and quite often we don’t find enough of it to realise our travel goals for the year but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the trips we wanted to. With the use of these handy techniques you can achieve all of the trips you’ve set yourself for the new year.

1. Make a list

Write yourself a list of the places you want to visit throughout the year with the respective time periods and keep a copy of it on your desktop. The visual prompt will help you stay on point with your goals and will also allow you to better plan your travels.

2. Devote a Pinterest board to travel

Make a Pinterest board dedicated to travel as a source of inspiration. Browsing through the incredible images fellow travelers post from all over the world will be your reminder of why you want to explore those places for yourself and feed your hunger for adventure.

3. Start a savings account

Although it can be done virtually for free, in most cases traveling will cost you some money. Open up a savings account right now and commit a portion of your monthly income to it. You’ll be surprised how quickly your piggy bank travel fund increases.

4. Invest in an annual travel insurance

It will help you will feel protected when you’re out exploring the vast worldly territories and it will also allow you to extract more value from it compared to individual insurances.

5. Know when to travel and when to buy

It is important that you plan your journey ahead. Be mindful of when you want to travel and invest in your transport ahead of time. You want to go running with the bulls in Pamplona in July no problem but don’t wait till May to get your tickets.

6. Buy a world map

Get a map and start exploring the possibilities. We live in a vast world and the more you know about your next destination the more excitement it will bring you when you get to experience it for yourself. You can even get yourself a scratch map so you can keep track of your adventures.

7. Have a yard sale

Well, it doesn’t have to be an actual yard sale, but take the time to sell the things in your home that have been collecting dust for years. The savings fund that you started will appreciate the extra investment that you’ll make from the sales.

8. Subscribe to a volunteering platform

Set-up a volunteer account to websites such as Workaway, Helpx and WWOOF. These platforms meet people from all over the world offering accommodation in exchange for voluntary work. This is a great way to experience different cultures from a firsthand perspective while saving on accommodation.

9. Don’t be scared of what’s deemed dangerous

Often there are misconception about certain countries in the world that are resultant from false information provided by the media. Don’t be intimidated by this fact. Do your own research, don’t be scared by what the masses say, often these places will prove to be exotic gems full of wanders.

10. Just do it

Nike much? On to the point, commit to it and don’t make up any excuses. Travel is more accessible than it ever has. You can almost do it for free and by almost I mean entirely. Now open a new tab and start exploring what your next destination will be!