How to spend your time at the airport

Imagine that you arrive at the airport on time, only to find out that your flight has been delayed. You could be in for quite a long wait, so how are you going to spend all that time? We’ve selected the best hacks that will help you escape boredom.

Create a bucket list

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, look at the bright side: you have plenty of time ahead of you to list all of the things you want to do this week, month or in your life. Look at the board with all the arrivals and departures and pick what your next destination is going to be.

See if you can find the craziest souvenir in the airport shop

This is more fun if you are flying with a friend, but you can play alone as well: just take a picture of what your discoveries and send it to your friends. Even better if it’s a selfie.

Create backstories to other passengers and be as creative as possible

Don’t feel like leaving your seat? Imagine you are conducting a study and spend a few minutes observing how the people around you behave. You’ll realise there are many odd-looking folks everywhere. What could be their story - why are they dressed like this? Where are they going? What’s their secret?

High five people on the escalator

Head towards the escalator - preferably the longer one - and high five the people on the opposite side. This will surely make you feel better about your delay.

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Make up stories about your life and try to see if strangers will believe you

Should you feel creative and in a mood to talk, find someone ready to listen to you and start describing how amazing your imaginary life is. Or if you believe in the saying “Complaining brings us closer together”, just tell them the sad story of your delayed flight.

Pretend you are late for your flight

There is this scene from the movie “Home alone” that we all love, when the almost-whole family is running through the airport hoping to catch their flight, with Chuck Berry’s “Run Rudolph Run” playing in the background. Act out the scene by running from one terminal to the opposite one. If possible, play the soundtrack on your phone while running.

Ask an attendant to call someone for you on the intercom

First, make up a funny name - something very French like “Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath” for instance - so that the airport attendant will have trouble pronouncing it. Tell them he is a distant relative of yours coming here for the first time. The objective is to have the attendant repeat the name as many times as possible.
Bonus tip

Take a nap. But don’t forget to put an alarm.

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