What you need to know when travelling with a baby

Having a baby doesn't mean you can't travel by plane anymore. Thousands of people who just joined the parents’ club would tell you the opposite! Flying with a baby is perfectly conceivable - provided that you are well-organized for it. Here’s what you need to know.

Book a ticket for your baby as well

As tempting as saving money by keeping your baby on your lap during the flight may be, you do NOT want to do this. Even though children under 2 years of age can often travel for free, buying an extra ticket for them will allow you to bring a car seat for them: they would be less likely to suffer from any injury in the event of turbulence for instance.

Check whether your infant is entitled to his/her own allowance

Although many major airlines will allow you to have both a carry-on luggage for you and a bag for diapers and baby essentials, some low cost air carriers will not. You would want to make sure what the airline’s rules are before arriving at the check-in desk with too many bags.


Many airlines (even the low cost ones) allow passengers with babies and small children to preboard the plane together with first class and priority boarding passengers. Don't miss this opportunity, as it allows you to skip the chaos of strugling to find space in you overhead compartment while holding your baby.

Pressure during descent and take-off

Giving your baby something to suck on generally helps relieving the pressure inherent to the plane’s landing. A bottle or a pacifier should do the trick.

It’s not too late to say sorry...

Your baby may not be able to speak yet, but this doesn’t mean you cannot apologize on their behalf. Remember, your indifference as a parent may be more unpleasant to other passengers than the baby's crying.

Cabin luggage

Although most major airlines are supposed to have some supplies of baby milk and diapers, you should make sure to pack some extras. Note that baby supplies are exempt from the 100ml rule, but you need to make sure to put them into a baby bottle, not a classic one.

Now you have no excuses to keep travelling, even with your baby.
Stay tuned for more travel hacks!