When passengers tweet to airlines

What is more annoying than a cancelled or delayed flight when you are at the airport, all packed and ready to leave? Some passengers didn’t hesitate expressing their feelings on twitter - we’ve gathered a few of these, you know … as means of inspiration. Enjoy!

Obviously, some are the rather angry

“3 hours delay… Thnx @vueling” image caption _Gerhard ter Mors - May 23

“Ugh, flight is cancelled. Thank you @Lufthansa_DE” image caption

_Ben Regali - May 13

“And with an hour to go for our 10hour delayed flight to depart, @easyJet delay it another hour #Nice #butnotveryNice” image caption _Thomas Hawkins - Jul 31

And yet, some others really make you feel for them…

“@Lufthansa_DE you stole my money, you cancelled all my reservations, you don’t want to give me my miles, U made me lose 2 jobs? WHY? Thieves”

_ anais de melo - May 2

“@virginatlantic - 24 hour delay. Making people sleep on a floor at the airport with pathetic blankets and pillows. Should be ashamed”

_ Paul Blair - Mar 22

“@British_Airways thx for ruining my birthday! You cancelled my flight from Florence and none of your staff there to advise on next flight”

_ Emily

“My @Ryanair flight to Milan has a delay of at least 5 hours!!!!!!!!! WTF!!! RT please!” image caption _ Gios Scruffy Italian - May 19

“Here’s how we feel after ANOTHER @easyJet delay sitting on the floor of a crammed airport” image caption _ Ami Bennett - Aug 2

Especially when delayed are getting in the way of love. This is just wrong.

“@lufthansa Thanks for spoiling my valentine trip Lost 1 out of 6 days trip that too valentine day.”

_ Ashish Shukla - Feb 18

“Very disappointing from @VirginAtlantic today. Five hours delay to our honeymoon in St Lucia”

_ Benjamin Lillywhite - Feb 1

“@airfrance dissapointed to find we are now going to miss most of the wedding we are attending due to cancelled flights we knew nothing about”

_ Tony Doyle - Feb 19

And apparently, sometimes, airlines are in a mood for jokes!

“I mean, I’m still in Milan with an 18 hours delay, is this a rhetorical question? @easyJet” image caption _Chloé Arnold

“@vueling Your email said weather delay. What weather?”

image caption _ Ian Welles - Jul 13

“Flight from Florence cancelled by @vueling due to bad weather…”

image caption

_ simon priestley - May 31

If you want to know the reasons behind the “operational reasons” excuses for delays and cancellations, take a look at our interview with a flight attendant!

One was even in for a nice delay record!

“Try @easyjet 34 hours delay”

_ Ben10

But as long as passengers get a compensation it’s all good, right? No, it’s not.

“When you think @British_Airways gave you a flight voucher for your delay/missed flight, but it’s a meal voucher…”

image caption _ Corey Dean Stone - Jul 16

By the way, you can learn more about your right to care right here!

“Hey @Wizzair, just stuck here in Kiev for an 8 hour delay. Thanks for the sandwich.”

image caption _ Michael Eller - Jul 11

At least this one had ham...

“@Ryanair at least they provided us with a nutritious and inspiring meal as compensation for 7hr delay”

image caption _ The Portraits

“5 hour delay and this is what @Ryanair thinks will make up for it! Scrambled eggs and water!!”

image caption _ Aubrey

Someone else was pissed about getting only water apparently… #DrownYourSorrow

“3.5 hour delay on a flight, offered a £3.50 voucher for NON-ALCOHOLIC drink, and they can’t even serve coffee!?! Sort it out @Ryanair”

_ Phil

Others just made me LMAO

“At present I’m not sure what’s going to leave first - my flight or the UK from the EU. The obligatory endless delay with @easyJet”

_ Scanner

“Wonder if the first thing an @easyjet pilot is taught to say is “sorry for the delay, hope it doesn’t cause you any inconvenience” #yesitdoes”

_ Thomas Bjorn - July 10

“When you’re waiting for @easyJet to process your cancelled flight claim”

image caption _ Sylvain Naltchayan - Apr 27

“Oh dear @British_Airways - a text asking about my experience whilst I’m in charge of 2 feral kids due to a 2h flight delay. Not great timing.”

_ Adam Mack

And my personal favorites…

“@easyJet stop texting me telling me the flight has been cancelled u knobs. We know it is now piss off.”

_Boulevard Living

“Many thanks to the pricks at @easyJet who cancelled our flight today and just sent me this.”

image caption _ Richard Benson

I hope this was fun for you!

Remember, you may get up to 600€ in compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight! Stay stunned for more cool posts about travel and passenger rights.